COVID Update

Dear Church Family,

   I pray this letter finds you and yours well. It is a real blessing to worship together and to have seen two of our children come to the Lord in recent days.

   As a church, we have been blessed in spite of, and during the COVID experience. You have been faithful in every way, thank you. It is a privilege to pastor a church where people want to hear the Word of God and faithfully serve and tithe. Additionally, since the beginning of the COVID experience, our church family has only known of a few cases. Most had no interaction with church services or activities. All of these have been resolved and cleared.

   Presently, we have learned of one of our church family being newly diagnosed as COVID-positive. Our facilities are disinfected and sanitized after every service and during the week; however, if you are in a high risk group, or if you are uncomfortable attending, please consider our Live-Stream services. We continue to offer masks for those who want them and encourage the use of hand sanitizer and observance of social distancing.

   This information is provided so that you may be informed and proceed according to your situation and conviction. It appears that churches will be dealing with this issue for some time, and obviously, notification of every case is unrealistic. What we can do, as stated before, is each week participate according to your situation and conviction. We should all remember that this too shall pass. Until then, we love you and may God bless you.

   In Christ,

   Bro. Mark