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Dear Church Family, 
On Wednesday we will have a church business meeting to vote on two recommendations that come from the church council and the personnel committee. Below is the most current update from Bro. Mark, and the two recommendations.

Mark's Current Update:
Dear Church Family,
As you know I've had an unfortunate experience with my health--I had an acute inflammation of the colon, which had to be removed. Recovery will take some time, but God has seen fit to intervene and keep me here. Please know that I am getting better day-by-day. I would like to thank our church staff for keeping things going in my absence. Lori and I hope and pray to be back with you as soon as possible. We miss you all and appreciate all your prayers and well-wishes. We look forward to being back serving, ministering and shepherding with you all. Please continue to pray as I continue to recover, and we both look forward to being once again in your sweet fellowship.
Your Pastor,
Bro. Mark Strum

Extended Medical Leave Policy Recommendation:
Starting June 1st Bro. Mark will be on extended medical leave for 6 months, during this time he will maintain a full salary and benefits. Church Council and the Personnel Committee will conduct a re-evaluation in November. Currently Church Council and the Personnel Committee are also exploring options such as long-term disability and extended medical leave during this 6-month period and beyond.
Interim Church Organization Chart Recommendation:
Attached is the interim organizational chart that was approved by the Personnel Committee, Church Council, and the deacons. This is just an interim organizational chart to help us lead the church in the absence of a lead pastor. This chart will go away once Bro. Mark returns and we will revert to our previous organizational structure. 

Closing Remarks:
During this interim period, you will see Bro. Justin, Bro. Jordan, and others preaching the message on Sunday mornings during worship. You will also see other leaders of the church lead bible studies throughout the week. You will see some changes to the calendar to reflect the different speakers and opportunities that take place during this time. As we move forward, we encourage all of the church to pray. Pray for your staff as they continue to lead in their various areas of ministry. Pray for Bro. Mark as he continues to heal. Pray for your church as we move forward in what we were all called to do, to make disciples. 

During the Special Called Business Meeting on Wednesday we will have a time of discussion and a vote on these two recommendations. Both of these recommendations come from Church Council and the Personnel Committee. 

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please do not hesitate to ask one of the ministry staff or member of the church council, or you can reply back to this message.

In Christ,
Your FBC Raymond Church Council and Personnel Committee